Mike grew up in Toledo, Ohio along with 2 brothers and 3 sisters.  He wrestled throughout high school and eventually competed in college while attending the university of Toledo. Mike and his wife Rose moved in 1980 to San Diego, California and began to get involved in running and triathlon. He opened a running shoe store in 1982 called the “Swift Pair”. He ran his first marathon in 1978 and completed his first triathlon in 1980 and still runs and cycles on a daily basis no matter where he is in the world.

Mike's 2:49 Marathon
Mike’s 2:49 Marathon


Mike became  one of the first Power Bar Sporting Goods reps in the US along with forming the first ever Saucony Triathlon team while representing them. Mike worked with and sold over 30 sporting good lines to major retailers .

In 1984 Mike and his wife Rose started RACEPLACE Magazine in Southern California. RACEPLACE quickly grew to become the largest race calendar for athletes to find the upcoming races near them. It was regionally coined the “runners bible” and 31 years later, it still remains a leading resource for athletes.

Mike is one of the original 10 team members of the Active Network (Active.com) in San Diego, CA formed in 1999 now employing over 2500. He was the Vice President  of Major Events at Active. He is on the Running USA National Conference Committee
and the MC of the event. He is also one of the original founding members of Triathlon America the organization for the sport of Triathlon.



Mike has announced and provided Master of Ceremony duties at over
1000 endurance sporting events in his career. He is best known as the “Voice of
Ironman” Triathlons worldwide. He has welcomed over 200,000 athletes across
Ironman finish lines to the world famous phrase “You are an Ironman” since 1989.

He has been the voice at Running and Triathlon event finish lines including 24
Ironman Hawaii World Championships and 140 Ironman’s total. He worked the
first ever Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego and was the first American to work
an Ironman outside of the United States in both Australia and New Zealand.

Mike was the EVP of sales at events.com from 2015 to May of 2016. Events.com is a technology company that powers the registration process for participatory events.


• EVP of Global Sales at Events.com in San Diego (2015-2016)
One of the original 8 team members in 1999 of RaceGate.com which is now the Active Network (Active.com).
• Over 30 years of experience in the Endurance Sports industries as a field and in house sales representative, consultant, management executive, motivational speaker, race director and entrepreneur.
• Was the first ever Sporting Goods representative in the west for Power Bar, Timex and Saucony helping establish those vendors into national lines.
• Announced and MC’d over 1000 events in career and has welcomed over 350,000 Ironman athletes to finish lines worldwide since 1989. Mike has called an estimated 2 million people across a finish line in his career
• With wife Rose owner of RACEPLACE Magazine in Southern California since 1984. Now managed by son Andy Reilly in 2014


• Consultant, Advisor and Reference to the Running and Triathlon industry.
• Inspirational Sales speaker and Sales life coach