Mike Reilly 2017 Events Schedule

Thank you everyone for voting on where you would like me to announce in 2017. Over 11,500 votes were cast and I’m happy to say I’ll be working 8 of your top 10 events voted for. The top three were 1. IM Lake Placid 2. IM Chattanooga 3. IM Mont-Tremblant. Also thanks for all the Aussie and Euro votes, hopefully will get back in 2018.

Let’s get the season started so we all can witness your Moments of Glory at the finish line!

Happy Training!


Mike Reilly 2017 Announcing Schedule

Running USA Conference – February 25-27

Ironman New Zealand – March 4

Ironman Oceanside 70.3 – April 1

Ironman Texas – April 22

Ironman Boulder – June 11

Ironman Buffalo Springs 70.3 – June 25

Ironman Lake Placid – July 23

Ironman Santa Rosa – July 29

Ironman Mont-Tremblant – August 20

Ironman Wisconsin – September 10

Ironman Chattanooga – September 24

Ironman Hawaii – October 14

Ironman Arizona – November 19


Announcing Schedule 2016

Wish I could get to more Ironmans throughout the year but it is just physically impossible. As you all know there seems to be one every weekend now!  There are other great announcers working the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events like Paul Kaye, Peter Murray, Tom Ziebart, Dave Ragsdale,  Joanne Murphy, Eric Gilsenan, Dave Downey, Michael Lovato, Cameron Harper, Alain Cyr, and more. They’re voices that don’t go unnoticed and to work with them and watch their amazing passion for Ironman is a pure pleasure.

How do I pick which events to work (not really work in the true sense of the word).  A lot depends on my full time great job with Events.com and how much travel I can pull off in one year. Plus working Ironmans on back to back weekends is a tough call.  Being a new Grandpa and loving to be with my family at home in San Diego is always my #1 priority! But the best part of doing what I do is being with all of you who I consider my second family. The number of you I see at the events each and every year I consider my friends.

I’ll be out for a run or riding my bike and one of you or more will pop into my head.  I’ll remember your finish, a conversation we had, what you said it meant to you hearing those 4 words, or meeting your children.  It is like a page in a chapter of a book that I remember like I just read it.  And yes, I am trying to get it all down for a book someday.

Now with the schedule – which consist mostly of the full distance.  The good folks at Ironman give me the autonomy to choose the Ironman events I’d like to go to in the US. I am honored that Ironman New Zealand and Australia invite me every year! Ironman chooses who works the 70.3 World Championships and European events. There are a few US Ironmans where my goal is to keep them in my schedule every year (Lake Placid, Wisconsin, Kona, Arizona) until I hang up the microphone (don’t ask when because I don’t yet know).

3/5 Ironman New Zealand (#150 total for me)

4/2 Oceanside 70.3

5/1 Ironman Australia

5/14 Ironman Texas

7/24 Ironman Lake Placid

8/7 Ironman Boulder

8/21 Ironman Mont-Tremblant

9/11 Ironman Wisconsin

10/8 Ironman Hawaii

10/22 Ironman North Carolina

11/20 Ironman Arizona

The reason I can’t do Ironman Vineman here in my home state a family member is getting married that weekend and I am officiating her wedding.  It was a tough decision not going to Ironman Coeur d Alene, one I’ve been to every year but it falls on IM Mont-Tremblant weekend.  Mont-Tremblant is my only opportunity to call a Canadian event so I chose to go there again for their 5th anniversary. They are on different weekends in 2017 so I’ll be back to Coeur d Alene!

Can’t wait to see you all and your amazing finishes!  Happy training everyone.